Introduction about barrow county jail inmates

Barrow county is located in Georgia state in the USA. Barrow county has a total area of 163 miles. In this article, some of the top facts about barrow county jail inmates will be discussed.

Top facts to know about Barrow county jail inmates:

  1. There are around 2.2 million people in the USA jails and prisons. The number is more than the population of New Mexico. The USA has the highest population of people in prisons.
  2. In the USA, there are around 5,000 jails and prisons.
  3. The jail population in the USA has increased more than four times since the early 1980s.
  4. Prisoners are normally allowed to move about and spend time in those areas which are mainly designated for activities or work or to have meals.
  5. The inmates should be dressed appropriately inside the jail. They will be punished if the rule is not being followed.
  6. The cell doors are mainly locked at all times and mainly opened for a certain time period depending on the daily schedule. The jail inmates who are not in their own cells without any valid reason when the doors are mainly locked may be subjected to some disciplinary action.
  7. Families who have been authorized to meet the inmate can meet them in special rooms mainly intended for visits with children. The number of visitors allowed is two adults and a proper number of children. The child’s age must be 15 years old or younger. The visit room door must be kept open during the visiting hour, and one cannot leave the room without the permission of the member of staff. For any unsupervised visit, the inmate should fill out the application form. The prisoner can only meet their children once a month on Saturdays.