You must have come across the term mugshots numerous times, maybe while watching the news, or movies, or just reading a newspaper.

What is a mugshot?

It is an official photograph of an arrested person’s face taken by the police and accompanied by information, such as name, date, height, references to the alleged crime, and descriptions of eye color, hair, physical features, identification marks, etc. A typical one has a side view along with the front. It is clicked immediately after a suspect is brought into a police station and is also known as a booking photograph or police photograph. They are made to stand or sit for the photos, which are usually taken in front of a standard white height chart background. Thought generally scary, some mugshots can be amusing as well, like the ones of celebrities.

They are mainly used by the victims or witnesses for identification but are seldom converted into wanted posters and can also help in distinguishing between two inmates of the same name. Not only this, it establishes the physical condition of a suspect at the time of the arrest. Mugshots are compiled sometimes into a mug book for determining the identity of criminals.

Rice Street jail mugshots-

The Fulton County Jail is located on Rice Street, Atlanta, and is responsible for maintaining law and order there. The procedure and requirements for a police photo are the same as the traditional ones. An online database of the jail’s inmates with mugshots is maintained, which allows users to look for the same using the full name or booking number.

The celebrity shoot-

The list of Rice Street jail mugshots has a couple of intriguing as well as famous ones. The two mentioned below completely stand out-

  • The glamorous booking photo of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ famed actress Porsha Williams on April 16, 2014. She was arrested on battery charges for allegedly attacking another cast member Kenya Moore.
  • Rapper Gucci Mane has been arrested multiple times. His last mugshot was taken on March 26, 2013, after he was booked on the charge of assaulting a fan by smashing a champagne bottle on his head.

Interesting isn’t it!?