Wasco state prison located in California handles the intake of inmates along with their diagnosis. Once the inmates are diagnosed they are sent to the prison where they will be serving the rest of their lives. Most of the inmates serve only for a short period whereas some serve for the lifetime. Inmate search is the term given when anyone wants to search for an inmate in the prison. The searching process is not tedious anymore like olden times. You don’t need to make unnecessary calls and waste your time on that. The agency of California dealing with this makes sure that all the records are maintained systematically in the database.

You can visit the California Department of the corrections site to search for an inmate easily. Information such as the date to the admission of the prisoner, release date, arrest records and mugshots can be obtained from the site. There are certain rules of the wasco prison mugshots for sending items to the prisoner or making visits to them. For this, you have to ensure you know the correct building number of the inmate. Failing this all your items will be returned via the address you mention.

Wasco prison mugshots rules:

The rules of sending items to the prisoner in Wasco prison are
● You can photos, calendar, blank envelopes, stamps, children drawings, typing paper, leaf paper and legal papers.
● You can send medications if any. However, for this, you also have to show a valid prescription stating the same.
● A third party vendor will send the packets to the inmate. A single package is allowed per quarter.
● Sending money to the p[prisoner also has certain rules which you can learn from the official site.

To know more about the rules browse the official site of the same. Abiding by the rules makes the process easier for both parties.